Offshore Service

You can order real-life parts for the oil and gas mining equipment from the AGA Parts website. We will deliver the following parts worldwide at your request:

The components of the triggering machine;
Complex Hydro- and pneumatic elements;
Components of circulation and ventilation systems;
Cleansing, oiling, and shock absorbing;
Control and measurement devices;
Operator components;
Components of cooling equipment and processes;
Fuel filters, oil, hydraulic, and air;
Drilling platforms and gadder items;
Connecting pipes, plumbing fixtures;
Ropes, cords, and bracelets;
Suggested Cages;
Ferrules, crossovers, and bears;
Prepare kits;
Parts of the Valve group;
System guidance materials;
Security components of the security system;
Car parts;
Turbo compressors;
Fuel and parts extraction system.
You can find the remaining required components for oil and gas mining equipment in the AGA Parts online catalog by number. The automatic search function will help you to do it. Enter the part number in the search box and after a few seconds, you will see the parts on your screen. Then you can add the parts you want to the cart.

The failed automatic search failed to find the required component? Please tell us about it by writing to Please indicate the number of parts and the required number of parts in your message.

If you would like to read the prices of steel and gas appliances, please complete this form.

Within 24 hours, AGA Parts managers will send the price quote to your email address. The price rating will contain information about the delivery of parts in your region. You are welcome to contact us anytime you wish to discuss the following issues:

Delivery policies and procedures;
Asset management (working with customers in 140 countries);
Total contract price including delivery costs (by post or with an international transport company.)
Offshore Service